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There three accessories slots: Cloak, Necklace and Ring.

Cloaks[edit | edit source]

Although Cloaks are not consider as Armor, they provide bonus as Armor does.

Cloak rarity depends on the background color: white < green < blue < purple. Rare Cloaks provide base state bonus or special bonus while common Cloaks only increase player's damage reduction.

Ruby 3 - -
Emerald - 3 -
Sapphire - - 3
Garnet 2 2 -
Malachite - 2 2
Amethyst 2 - 2
Jade 2 2 2
Obsidian 3 3 3

Special bonus can be divided into 3 grades. Higher grade improves player's survivability and protection.

Special Bonus Name Description Grades
Healthy Boost to max Health I, II, III
Fortified Boost to total defense I, II, III
Focused Boost to Energy Regen I, II, III
Chilled Resistance to Flame damage I, II, III
Fur-Lined Resistance to Frost damage I, II, III
Plated Resistance to Explosion damage I, II, III
Insulated Resistance to Storm damage I, II, III
- - -

For example, Sapphire Focused Rough Cloak provides 3 SKILL bonus and a boost to Energy Regen.

Player can purchase Cloaks at NPC store by talking to NPC Vendor Gato or Vendor Goto.

Necklaces[edit | edit source]


Rings[edit | edit source]

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