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In Akaneiro, Armors can be classified as 3 types: Light Armor, Medium Armor and Heavy Armor, and 3 parts: Head, Chest and Leg. Player needs no requirement to equip Armor. In addition, player can equip both 3 types of Armor at the same time, e.g. Light Head Armor + Medium Chest Armor + Heavy Leg Armor. Armor equipped provides bonus if player learned corresponding Armor Mastery.

After character creation is finished, player will be equipped 3 parts of Armor. The default type is Light Armor for Cunning, Medium Armor for Prowess and Heavy Armor for Fortitude.

[[Light Armor]:

  • Skinner Set
  • Trapper Set
  • Wild Set
  • Ninja Set
  • Spy Set
  • Shadow Set
  • Monk Set
  • Priest Set
  • Holy Set

Medium Armor:

  • Bandit Set
  • Scout Set
  • Hunter Set
  • Soldier Set
  • Conscript Set
  • Infantry Set
  • Hessian Set
  • Hirandai Set
  • Chunadi Set
  • Onadai Set
  • Ronin Set

Heavy Armor:

  • Samurai Set
  • Hatamoto Set
  • Bushido Set
  • Yokai Set
  • Yasha Set

Armor rarity depends on the background color: white < green < blue < purple. Rare Armor provides base state bonus or special bonus while common Armor only increases player's damage reduction.

Ruby 3 - -
Emerald - 3 -
Sapphire - - 3
Garnet 2 2 -
Malachite - 2 2
Amethyst 2 - 2
Jade 2 2 2
Obsidian 3 3 3

Special bonus can be divided into 3 grades. Higher grade improves player's survivability and regeneration.

Special Bonus Name Description Grades
Healthy Boost to max Health I, II, III
Fortified Boost to total defense I, II, III
Focused Boost to Energy Regen I, II, III
Chilled Resistance to Flame damage I, II, III
Fur-Lined Resistance to Frost damage I, II, III
Plated Resistance to Explosion damage I, II, III
Insulated Resistance to Storm damage I, II, III
- - -

For example, Emerald Healthy Samurai Helm provides 3 DEFENSE bonus and a boost to max health.

Player can purchase Armor at NPC store by talking to NPC Vendor Gato or Vendor Goto. The artwork of Armor is different between male character and female character but the attributes provided are the same.

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