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  • The following builds are used and tested in version 1.0.0. They may not work/be as effective in older/newer versions.
  • It's also important to address the issue that states there are no class differences thanks to the freedom to customize skills and stats as Akaneiro allows for open distribution to both. As such, you may use Fortitude builds even if your hero isn't Fortitude and the same idea applies for Cunning and Prowess.

Prowess Builds

Fortitude Builds

The Holy Trinity

Excuse the sacrilegious reference, if there is any, but the following three skills provide everything you need to clear mobs quickly and safely.

1 - Skin of Stone

This skill buffs your hero granting a boost to Defense the skill stat, Elemental Resistances, and has a chance to stun attackers for the length of its duration at level 3. Specifically, at level 3, it provides 41 to Defense the skill stat and .50* to all Elemental Resistances.

  • .50 probably means 50% reduction.

2 - Chi Mend

This is an instantaneous healing skill that provides a boost the Defense the skill stat at level 2 - 3 and a movement speed boost at level 3.

3 - Ring of Frost

This skill emits a damaging area-of-effect frost spell that slows enemy movement speed on hit. RoF does immense damage in a huge aoe range. When buffed by Skin of Stone and Chi Mend the damage increases by 84 (this number is constant because the boost to Defense by Skin and Chi are constant). You can have a level 1 RoF and still do 100~ damage as long as Skin and Chi are level 3.


Provides durability, adaptable to hostile environments (heal, ring, run/kite), simple to upkeep (click 1 2 3)


Expensive to upkeep the 2 buffs in prolonged battles, weak against bosses, takes an above average sense of spacial awareness to be effective (can't run into everything and just spam RoF in overruns)

Cunning Builds

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