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Player can spend Karma to purchase consumables at NPC store Shammy Mart by talking to NPC Elder Shaman Pan. In total there are 9 different consumables, split into 2 types: Food and Drinks

Food[edit | edit source]

Food provides base state bonus. There are 5 food in total.

Name Description Karma Image
Spicy Sushi A spicy kick that increases POWER. 100 Sushi.png
Caviar Onigiri Fresh treat that increases SKILL. 100 Onigiri.png
Mint Tofu Fragrant snack that increases DEFENSE. 100 Tofu.png
Garlic Snapper Herb baked fish. Movement speed boost. 300 Snapper.png
Ginseng Soba Chilled noodle. Improve critical chance. 200 Soba.png

Drink[edit | edit source]

Drinks provide special bonus. There are 4 drinks in total.

Name Description Karma Image
Yomi Sake Local rice wine. Earn more XP. 1000 Sake.png
Plum Wine Sweet fruit wine. Better loot drops. 300 Wine.png
Green Tea Warm and soothing. Improve Energy regen. 500 Green.png
Red Tea Slightly bitter, but tasty. Improve HP Regen. 500 Red.png
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