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Followers of the Dark Huntsman. They are precise and resourceful stalkers. These hunters plan carefully before taking action, using ranged attacks and evasion to confuse and ambush enemy.

The Cunning character as seen in the character creation screen.

The Cunning discipline uses the Skill base state and their skills focus on traps, ranged attacks, and evasion.

Cunning Abilities[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Ability Cun 1.png Steady Shot A carefully aimed shot damages a single enemy. Charge for more damage. Higher ranks apply stun.
Ability Cun 2.png Stinging Shot A venom coated shot that applies poison to target. Level 3 applies fear.
Ability Cun 4.png Caltrops Scatter caltrops on the ground, causing damage and slowing multiple enemies. Higher ranks has a chance of applying fear.
Ability Cun 3.png Ninja Escape Instantly teleport in a burst of smoke. Higher ranks applies stun. Level 3 heals.
Ability Cun 6.png Bear Trap Damages and stuns enemies in a small area when trap is triggered.
Ability Cun 5.png Firebomb Trap Flame damage to multiple enemies when trap is triggered.
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