Cunning Abilities

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Icon Name Description
Ability Cun 1.png Steady Shot A carefully aimed shot damages a single enemy. Charge for more damage. Higher ranks apply stun.
Ability Cun 2.png Stinging Shot A venom coated shot that applies poison to target. Level 3 applies fear.
Ability Cun 4.png Caltrops Scatter caltrops on the ground, causing damage and slowing multiple enemies. Higher ranks has a chance of applying fear.
Ability Cun 3.png Ninja Escape Instantly teleport in a burst of smoke. Higher ranks applies stun. Level 3 heals.
Ability Cun 6.png Bear Trap Damages and stuns enemies in a small area when trap is triggered.
Ability Cun 5.png Firebomb Trap Flame damage to multiple enemies when trap is triggered.
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