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Followers of the Forest Mother. They are models of patience and endurance. These hunters are stalwart and reliable defenders, who can channel natural energies into defense and support abilities.

The Fortitude character as seen in the character creation screen.

The Fortitude discipline uses the Defense base state and their skills focus on damage reduction, crowd control, and defense.

Fortitude Abilities[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Ability For 1.png Skin of Stone Stone armor provides increased Defense and improves all Fortitude abilities. Has a chance to stun attackers at level 3.
Ability For 6.png Chi Mend Instantly recover health, for first aid in the heat of battle. Increases Defence and movement speed at higher ranks.
Ability For 5.png Chi Prayer Increases health regeneration rate, ideal for prolonged battles. Level 3 increases energy regen for the duration.
Ability For 2.png Haunting Scream An unearthly scream causes weaker enemies to flee from battle.
Ability For 4.png Iron Thorns Attackers are impaled on deadly iron thorns for the duration. Level 3 poisons enemies.
Ability For 3.png Ring of Frost A freezing ring of ice bursts from below, slowing enemies and causing frost damage. Higher ranks increase fire resistance for a short period of time.
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