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Karma is the crystallized blood of fallen demons. Red Hunters use them as a form of currency. Karma is used to unlock new areas, resupply, upgrade equipment, and purchase training. Collecting Karma Shards as they fall from defeated enemies also provides a small amount of instant healing.

Acquiring Karma[edit | edit source]

  1. Killing enemies gives Karma shards in addition to providing a small amount of healing.
  2. Unneeded items can be sold to vendors for Karma.
  3. Items can be transmuted into Karma. Transmutation provides less Karma than selling items to vendors, however it can be done in the field without requiring a trip to town.
  4. Finally, Karma can be purchased from the shop using real world money.

Karma Uses[edit | edit source]

  • Unlocking new area expansions (3 mission set) and raising player levelcap.
  • Reviving a collapsed hunter or retrying a mission in the case of mission failure. The cost scales with player level and grows with subsequent deaths in a single mission (resetting on return to village).
  • Training in Abilities and Masteries.
  • Summoning Spirit Helper Pets.
  • Manually controlling mission Threat Level.
  • Purchasing Equipment, Consumables, and other services in Yomi Village.