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Followers of the Red Girl. They lead the charge with bravery and skill. These hunters are fierce warriors, who can focus anger to provide great strength. They employ abilities that close distance and maximize damage.
The Prowess character as seen in the character creation screen.

The Prowess discipline uses the Power base state and their skills focus on direct damage.

Prowess Abilities[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Ability Pro 1.png Rain of Blows Damage multiple enemies with a rapid melee assault. Higher ranks applies stun.
Ability Pro 5.png Shockwave Slam into the ground from above, creating a damaging tremor.
Ability Pro 2.png Swatch of Destruction Damage and scatter enemies with a fast offensive dash. Level 3 applies burn.
Ability Pro 3.png Seeing Red Draws strength from anger to increase damage and improve all Prowess abilities. Level 3 increases attack speed.
Ability Pro 4.png Hungry Cleave Steal health while damaging multiple enemies with a powerful horizontal slash.
Ability Pro 6.png Meteor Rain A flaming meteor shower hits the target area, blasting enemies in area. Higher ranks applies slow.
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