Shigemori River

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Flowing down from the central mountain ranges of Yomi Island, this river borders a deep pine forest and runs alongside the Temple Highroad.

Mission 1: Wicked Beasts[edit | edit source]

Evil feeds on fear / And fear feeds on evil / The mindless savagery of the mass / An unquenchable thirst for blood

Wicked Beasts.png

Local wolf packs have become extremely hostile, afflicted by some maddening influence. Investigate the neighboring Shigemori Village. It has been days since last contact - we fear the worst.

Elemental Enemies None
Materials Types Minimal
Material Rates Low
Difficulty EXP Reward Karma Reward Recommended Level
Easy 595 50 1
Medium 1190 110 2
Hard 1975 242 3
Overrun 3297 532 4

Mission 2: Rotten Core[edit | edit source]

The appalling end of innocence / Only malignancy can manage evil / The wicked are ignorant of mercy

Rotten Core.png

Demon Wolves gather in great numbers at the Bleeding Grove Orchard. Collect evidence of Yokai influence from demon wolf corpses. Check the nearby Alpha Den for further clues.

Difficulty EXP Reward Karma Reward Decrease Threat Increase Threat
Secure 0 66 / 60
Low Threat 1320 132 100 130
High Threat 2640 264 200 260
Overrun 5000 500 220 /

Mission 3: Raging Ushi Oni[edit | edit source]

Courage is a mean; rashness an excess / Stealth is sometimes a virtue / Overconfidence is always a vice

Raging Ushi Oni.png

A powerful Ushi Oni has rallied the Amano Imps to his banner to sow chaos on Yomi Island. At night fall, infiltrate their territory. Kill the Imp Captains C then take the head of their leader.

Difficulty EXP Reward Karma Reward Decrease Threat Increase Threat
Secure 0 82 / 80
Low Threat 1650 165 125 160
High Threat 3300 330 250 330
Overrun 6250 625 290 /
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