Spirit Helpers

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Spirit Helpers are companion pets that provide an effect, or buff, to the player. They become more powerful along with the leveling of the player. They can be summoned by talking to NPC Summoner Shimizu. Karma is required for summoning. Spirit Helpers last 30 minutes. Multiple spirits can be bought at the same time, and can be switched be summoning without cost while the timer is still active. Similarly, logging out and logging in while within the timer will allow you to summon the spirit for the remainder of the time.

Spirit Helpers do not engage in direct combat.

Spirit Helper Description Required level Cost Icon
Inugami Dog spirit. Increases POWER. 1 250 Dog icon.png
Maneki Neko Cat spirit. Increases SKILL. 1 320 Cat icon.png
Nishikigoi Fish spirit. Increases Health Regen. 4 500 Fish icon.png
Ishigame Turtle spirit. Increases DEFENSE. 4 560 Turtle icon.png
Yosuzume Bird spirit. Increases Energy Regen. 8 1200 Bird icon.png
Nihonzaru Monkey spirit. Increases max Energy. 12 1800 Monkey icon.png
Kabuki Kozo Yokai spirit. Increases Attack Speed. 12 2200 Yokai icon.png
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