Vendor Goto

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A screenshot of Vendor Goto.

Item Vendor Goto is a resident of Yomi Village. She is in charge of the "Rare Goods" store. She is located directly to the right of Vendor Gato.

Store[edit | edit source]

An example of a Rare Goods item and its stock.
  • The number in the upper left of each item in the store represents how many of said item remain. When the number is zero, there are none left. Stock is shared across all servers.
  • The Rare Goods store (as of 1/17/13) only sells equipment, and only above blue rarity. No consumables, and nothing under blue.
  • The level of the items in the store start at level 1, and continue up in multiples of 4 to level 20.
  • The store prices are notably higher than Vendor Gato's store, due to the difference in rarity of the equipment.
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