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In Akaneiro, there are total 10 kinds of weapon which can be classified as 2 types: One-handed Weapons and Two-handed Weapons. The attack speed of weapons is divided into 5 grades: Very Fast, Fast, Normal, Slow and Very slow. In general, the attack speed of One-handed Weapons are faster than Two-handed Weapons. Player can equip two one-handed weapons at the same time. Weapon equipped provides bonus if player learned corresponding Weapon Mastery.

After character creation is finished, player will be equipped a weapon. The default weapon is a Katana for Cunning, two Axes for Prowess and a Great Maul for Fortitude.

One-handed Weapons:

  • Club (Very Fast)
  • Sickle (Very Fast)
  • Axe (Fast)
  • Cutlass (Fast)
  • Katana (Fast)
  • Mace (Normal)

Two-handed Weapons:

  • Great Axe (Slow)
  • Nodachi (Slow)
  • Claymore (Very Slow)
  • Great Maul (Very Slow)

Weapon rarity depends on the background color: white < green < blue < purple. Rare weapons provide base state bonus or special bonus while common weapons only increase player's damage.

Ruby 3 - -
Emerald - 3 -
Sapphire - - 3
Garnet 2 2 -
Malachite - 2 2
Amethyst 2 - 2
Jade 2 2 2
Obsidian 3 3 3

Special bonus can be divided into 3 grades. Higher grade allows character to apply effects more even and provides higher boost.

Special Bonus Name Description Grades
Raging Boost to attack damage I, II, III
Thirsty Chance of stealing health I, II, III
Brutal Chance of stunning enemies I, II, III
Flame Chance of burning enemies I, II, III
Frost Chance of freezing enemies I, II, III
Blast Chance of blasting enemies I, II, III
Storm Chance of shocking enemies I, II, III

For example, Ruby Thirsty Sickle provides 3 POWER bonus and has a chance to steal health from enemies.

Player can purchase weapons at NPC store by talking to NPC Vendor Gato or Vendor Goto. As the player's level increases, the artwork of weapons would have a better look, e.g. Great Axe becomes sharper when the player's level is high enough.

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